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we must do better on recycling plastic

According to a recent report by The PEW Trusts called  Breaking the Plastic Wave, current recycling commitments will only reduce annual plastic flows to...

Racing to save koalas from future bushfires

Across Australia as many as 30,000 koalas died in the fires last summer.Australia’s devastating bush fires have taken a toll on numerous wild animals...

Post-pandemic recovery plans fail to address biodiversity loss

“Only a small number of countries are addressing the biodiversity crisis in the serious manner it deserves.”The COVID-19 pandemic has given nature a bit...

Pollutants banned decades ago are still in the UK’s rivers

Banned and disused chemicals from an industrial past continue to poison wildlife in rivers throughout the United Kingdom.Banned and disused chemicals from our more...

U.S. poll finds climate woes shape decisions on having kids

A new U.S. poll of childless adults finds one in four say climate change is a factor in their decisions.It’s one of the most...

Deforestation and climate change could ‘doom the Amazon’

Already the Amazon is receiving less rain than previously as a result of a changing climate.The Amazon’s forests are among the last true refuges...

Tackling the scourge of plastic in the oceans is a must

Plastic waste has reached catastrophic proportions in the oceans and it is increasing further still.Plastic waste has reached catastrophic proportions in the oceans and...

U.S. Duck Stamp contest rule under fire over wetlands ‘litter’

Artists are required to place hunting elements in their Duck Stamp contest entries, but some say that art now showcases pollution. The United States...

Some 14 million tons of microplastics cover the seafloor

Nowhere, it seems, is immune from plastic pollution, least of all the oceans.Nowhere, it seems, is immune from plastic pollution: plastic has been reported...

Jump feet first into summer with no nail-shaming

The first steps of open-toed freedom into the warm weather across South Africa need not be shaming for fingers and toes that have spent...
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