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Ecuador Indigenous accuse state of crimes against humanity

Ecuador’s Indigenous movement has declared this month “Rebel October” to commemorate the violent 11-day anti-austerity protests last year that saw 11 people killed, 63...

At-risk Cerrado mammals need fully-protected parks to survive: Researchers

A newly published camera trap study tracked 21 species of large mammal in Brazil’s Cerrado savanna biome from 2012-2017.The cameras were deployed in both...

In Uganda, safeguarding chimpanzees against the scourge of snaring

Frequent patrols in Uganda’s Kibale National Park are credited with helping reduce the risk of the resident chimpanzees falling victim to the snare traps...

An interview with Paul Polman

Over the past decade perhaps no major diversified consumer products company has done more to burnish its sustainability credentials than Unilever, the 91-year-old conglomerate...

Armed and dangerous, ‘murder lorises’ use their venom against each other

A study released Oct. 19 in the journal Current Biology reveals that slow lorises use their venom not only against other species, but also...

Groups push to protect vast swaths of Antarctic seas

‘This is a matter of political will’ The body responsible for making decisions surrounding Antarctica’s marine region is the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic...

Fire burns Pantanal’s upland heart and threatens nature’s fragile balance

After spreading for 9 months across the biodiverse Brazilian Pantanal wetlands, fires have reached the Amolar Mountains. This upland area is at the heart...

Deforestation threatens to wipe out a primate melting pot in Indonesia

Unique primate habitats on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi are under threat from rising deforestation, according to a new study.The island’s isolation has allowed...

The Sumatran rhino is sliding into extinction. It doesn’t have to

A new animated short film from Mongabay, illustrated by artist Roger Peet, depicts the Sumatran rhino’s slide toward extinction.No more than 80 Sumatran rhinos...

In Guatemala, refugees find new calling as park rangers

In recent years, the number of migrants and refugees entering Guatemala after fleeing violence at home has grown.FUNDAECO, a local conservation NGO, has partnered...
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