US Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Restrict Americans Travel to North Korean


WASHINGTON, May 25 (Sputnik) – A new bill introduced by US Congressmen Adam Schiff and Joe Wilson would require Americans planning to travel to, from or within North Korea to have a license for transactions related to such travel, according to a press release said from Schiff’s office on Thursday.
“The bipartisan North Korea Travel Control Act…would require the Treasury Department to issue regulations requiring a license for transactions related to travel to, from, and within North Korea by American citizens,” the release stated.
The legislation would also prevent the licenses from being issued for tourist travel, the release also noted.
“Given North Korea’s continuing destabilizing behavior and their demonstrated willingness to use American visitors as bargaining chips to extract high level meetings or concessions, it is appropriate for the United States to take steps to control travel to a nation that poses a real and present danger to American interests,” Schiff is quoted as saying in the release.
At least four US citizens are currently detained as prisoners in North Korea, the release added.