North Korea Most ‘Dangerous, Close’ Threat Facing US – Army Chief of Staff


WASHINGTON, May 25 (Sputnik) – North Korea is the most dangerous and immediate threat facing the United States, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said in his testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday.
“North Korea is probably the most dangerous, close in terms of time threat, in my view, that the United States faces, and they are rapidly developing an intercontinental with a nuclear weapon attached that can range the continental United States, and I don’t think we should allow that,” Milley stated.
Asked how close in terms of time the North Korean threat might be, Milley said he would only disclose more information in a classified session.
The general noted that thousands of troops stationed in South Korea are within striking distance of Pyongyang’s conventional weapons.
“The United States has – publicly – 28,500 troops of all branches in Korea. Roughly speaking about 20,000 of those are Army, and North Korean tube, conventional tube and rocket artillery has extensive range, it can range all of Seoul, it can range most of the military compounds, so our troops are at risk in Korea,” Milley said.
The US Army has requested $137 billion for its 2018 budget. The administration of President Donald Trump unveiled their 2018 budget requests on Tuesday.