Frankfort farm attacker was on parole for horrific farm murder of the Smith couple

One of the two arrested attackers who overpowered, assaulted and tied up a farmer in chains on the morning of 3 May 2021, just after 10:00, on a farm in Frankfort, in the Free State province of South Africa, was in fact on parole for the horrific double farm murder of Fanie Smith (42) and his pregnant wife Ina (33).

Fanie and Ina were attacked, violently assaulted and shot dead on the farm Vadersdeel on Thursday 30 July 2003, in the Free state province of South Africa.

The couple were then loaded into their vehicle and driven to an isolated area in Heilbron where the car was torched.

The bodies of the couple were burnt beyond recognition.

Two men were arrested shortly after the murder by Heilbron police and the Welkom serious violent crime unit.

Samuel Tsotsetsi (22), who was a herdsman on the farm, and his cousin Meshack Tsotsetsi (23) were found guilty of the brutal murder and robbery by the Kroonstad High Court.

Judge G.F. Wright sentenced the pair to 35 years each. 25 Years each for the murders and 15 years each for robbery with aggravating circumstances.

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